JetBrains Academy projects
Projects from JetBrains Academy – Java Developer Track
In each project file, there is a link to a online compiler for real-time demonstration.


Supply Chain Finance Operation Platform
A system for stakeholders involved in the Supply Chain Finance (Supplier, distributor, driver etc…).
They can manage and closely monitor the delivery status, and synchronize all the data to a private blockchain network.

Tech Stack

Frontend React.js
Hosted using Docker

Libraries used:
  • Redux-toolkit (State Container)
  • Mantine (UI Components)
  • Next.js (Server-side Rendering)
  • Tabler (Icons)
  • Axios (HTTP requests)
Backend (Operation Centre) Spring Boot
Connected to MySQL
Hosted using Tomcat

  • Spring Security (JWT)
  • Spring Data JPA
  • Hosted with Tomcat
Backend (Blockchain Centre) Hyperledger Fabric
  • A Single-node Linux
  • Running Docker Containers

Perform Read and Insert operations with an API endpoint
  • Hyperledger Fabric Gateway SDK
  • Spring Boot Application
  • Hosted with Tomcat

Database MySQL
File Storage AWS S3 bucket (Pre-signed URL)
CI/CD Jenkins
Tour Booking System
[School Project]
A system for people to apply and become a local tour host and host tours.
Also allow foreign tourists join those tours.

Tech Stack

Frontend + Backend
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Security
  • Thymeleaf (HTML+js)
  • Spring Data JPA
Web Server Tomcat
Database MySQL
File Storage AWS S3 bucket (Pre-signed URL)
CI/CD Jenkins

iOS Application

Date Countdown, Todo-List, Custom Notification, Collaboration



HK public transport ETA. Can be used with iOS Shortcut app

香港公共交通工具-實時到站時間。可整合於iOS Shortcut內使用。
Human Computer Interaction – Group Project Prototype